ScentClip EO 401 - Unpleasant odors

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EO-401 is a broad spectrum deodorization technology, studied to solve the problem of odor nuisance encountered in everyday life.

The EO-401 efficiently neutralizes a wide range of odors while ensuring the creation of a fresh and neutral atmosphere.

Discreet and easy to install, the ScentClip EO 401 is an odor treatment product equipped with a self-adhesive system.

ScentClip (frame) with a 24g ScentPatch (polymer located inside the frame)


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With ScentClip EO-401,

forget odors problems


Product Informations

EO-401 technology is the result of a blend of natural and/or synthetic essential oil essences, with a blend of lemony olfactory signatures.


Areas of utilisation

Treatment of everyday olfactory nuisances (toilets, business areas, common areas, etc.)






Place it where you need it most


Take the product out of its packaging and place it in the area to be treated.

Don't worry about its location because it doesn't need a flame or electrical power to operate. It functions autonomously and has no wet dropping.

Packaged in a suitable frame, the ScentClip can be positioned at your convenience wherever you want: on a dustbin lid, on the door of a technical room or in a closet. It is perfect for small spaces.

Do not place the ScentClip on painted or varnished surfaces.


A unique technology


Highly concentrated in active components, the ScentPatch continously streaming and autonomously for 90 days.

Thanks to an exclusive formula, the ScentPatch (polymer located inside the frame) is highly concentrated in active ingredients, up to 70%.

This concentration (almost double that of comparable products) generates optimal efficiency in a small and light olfactory support.

Resistant, the ScentPatch has been tested at temperatures up to 70°C without dripping.


Made in France


All of our products are designed, developed and manufactured in our laboratory located in Strasbourg, in Alsace.







3,7-dimethylocta-1,6-dien-3-ol; (2E)-2-(phenylmethylidene)octanal; α,α-4-trimethyl-(1S)-3-cyclohexene-1-methanol; 1,5-dimethyl-1-vinylhex-4-in-1-yl acetate ; 1-methyl-4-prop-1-en-2-ylcyclohexene; (E)-3,7-dimethylocta-2,6-dienal; 4-allyl-2-methoxyphenol; 3-(4-tert-butylphenyl)-2-methylpropanal; 2H-chromen-2-one; 3,7-dimethyloct-6-in-1-ol; 1,5-dimethyl-1-vinylhex-4-in-1-yl acetate.



Causes skin irritation. May cause skin allergy. Causes severe eye irritation. Harmful to aquatic organisms, leads to long-term effects.

20 Items

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7.5 X 5.3 X 1.8 cm
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